Mandate Radio: Ep. 76 (3/18/2015)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 76 (3/18/2015) Happy Wednesday Everyone! Welcome to I3A’s premier video game podcast, Mandate Radio. Pete and Frank are here for one of their signature adventures into seeing who can be more self-deprecating. After that, and during that, they talk about games! Pete rescinds his message on ‘Heroes of the Storm’ and…

Steam Controller

Mandate Radio: Ep. 75 (3/11/2015)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 75 (3/11/2015) Welcome back to Mandate Radio! I3A’s premier video game podcast. Pete, Frank, and Joe are here for more outstanding bits including Pete’s new laugh and Frank’s problem with his feet. The guys talk about a number of games inluding ‘Red Orchestra 2′, ‘Guild Wars 2′, ‘Monster Hunter 4′, ‘Solforge’s…

Episode 3

Let’s Play Baldur’s Gate: Episode 3

Frank and Anthony return to lead the party to the Friendly Arm’s Inn.  Along their perilous path they meet all kinds of new friends, a couple of which decide to join their party!  There’s all kinds of crazy, including a red wizard and a gaping maw into the depths of hell! Woohoo!

MH4 Ult

Mandate Radio: Ep. 74 (3/4/2015)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 74 (3/4/2015) Happy Wednesday Everybody! and welcome to I3A’s premier video game podcast, this is Mandate Radio! Pete, Frank, and the long lost Joe are back for an adventure through modern video gaming! The guys talk about a plethora of games including ‘Europa Universalis IV’, ‘Spellweaver TCG’, ‘Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’, and…


Mandate Radio: Ep. 73 (2/25/2015)

  Mandate Radio: Ep. 73 (2/25/2015) HAAAAppy Wednesday Everyone! and welcome back to Mandate Radio, I3A’s premier video game podcast. Pete and Frank are around to talk about how terrible strategy games are, ‘Baldur’s Gate’ and other multi-disc games, ‘Grow Home’, ‘Smash Bros. Brawl’, ‘Witcher 2′, ‘Primordia’, ‘Tryst’, and the horrible realities of being forced…

Let's Play Baldurs Gate: Episode 1

Let’s Play Baldur’s Gate: Episode 1

Frank and Anthony are here to tackle Baldur’s Gate: The Original Saga, a game that has haunted Frank since childhood.  This game has piqued his interest and kicked his butt more times that he can count, but the tag-team powers of F and A cannot be stopped.  Special guest appearance by rap legend Ludacris!  …