Download: Audio Interview with Daniel Fedor (MP3)

Above is an interview with Daniel Fedor of Blue Bottle Games about his upcoming game ‘Neo Scavenger’, his career at Bioware, and his foray into indie game development. ‘Neo Scavenger’, an upcoming roguelike survival game, is Daniel’s first indie game, and can be found on Desura in alphafuding. Blue Bottle Games has an official website where more info, as well as trailers and galleries, can be found. Daniel can be found on Twitter when he is not lurking in dark forests trying to steal your last can of soup. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Audio Interview with Daniel Fedor (Neo Scavenger)

  1. I think it came out pretty well! I also had to chuckle that in the entire 1h 40min interview, my cat, Brak, stays completely quiet. But in the few moments where I’m talking about Gimlet, Brak chimes in with a meow.

    Thanks again for the interview!

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