What is the Point?

I suppose it is a good question to ask oneself and to ask others; “What the fuck are you doing?” I often inquire along the same lines to try to figure out what I am doing with my life. It is often confusing and difficult to answer and the repercussions are heavier than I choose to deal with on a day to day basis. I guess this pointless rambling leads me to me. You want to know who is writing for you, do you not?

My name is Peter Mascio and I am a part-time writer and PR guy for Indiegamemag.com. I have only been there for a few months, but have been playing indie games for as long as I can remember. On the side of that I am a sports nut, musician, and mathematician. I suppose I am somewhat of an odd sort. On the indie game side of things I tend towards the casual side of gaming; your point-and-clicks, text-based adventures, sandbox games in peaceful mode, puzzlers, board games, turn-based strategy games, and RPGs.

Well, I guess that is quite a varied, but it gives a general idea of my taste in games. Put simply, I am into expression in games, as I think it is equally an artistic medium with those commonly referred to as art. That is your music, painting, film, etc. Therefore, I wanted to create a haven for those people who also view what they do as art, or an expression of such. I suppose that is ultimately the purpose of this blog.

Cryptozookeeper from Rob Sherwin

Unfortunately, I will not really be advertising this place all that much as I want the community to stay small. I will not be making money off of the blog and I want others to understand that this is about the people who make the games we play and why they make those games. This is not about reviews, previews, and/or streamlined game consumption, but rather a place for discussion and ideas. Similar to my column “The Why of Indie Games”, IGAAA is about why what a dev has done is important to the gaming industry as a whole. I see that as far more valuable than a numbered review saying “This woman or man’s hard work is worth 7 out of 10 points.”

With that beautiful sentiment and without further ado, let’s discuss site structure. The site is broken up into links, making for easy access to all articles in all different categories. We have the sections of articles, gallery, music, news, podcasts, and reviews. There will be leniency in these topics and a simple click will take you where you want to go. I want site navigation to be as simple as possible. Want reviews? Click it. Want news? Click it. As I develop columns I will also create specific tabs for those so they are easy to find. Ease of navigation on sites is important to me and should be important to you.

A Drawing by Verena Kyratzes

So, some of the things I will be doing will be galleries and music. I want to feature awesome game galleries and cool music from certain games, and these tabs will simply contain just that. No bs, just the art you are looking for. Same idea goes for news. I will not be giving anybody the long story, but will simply cover the news in a condensed form and talk about the devs in as many words as I and the dev sees fit.

I started this because I am sick of the business form of gaming sites. Gaming is a business to some people, but to a larger portion of game devs, it is a means of expression and passion, which can often be lost upon the eyes of such a tense business-model. I want to rid the whole industry of the disrespect many games get. I am passionate about this medium and I want to connect with those who are likewise passionate about taking the medium to a different expression of the human being. Pretentious? Totally.

Last and not least I want this to be a place for community. I want to create a place where devs can share work and be appreciated. I am not sure how this will be possible, but I am going to do my best. Suggestions would be appreciated.

So welcome to IGAAA or IG Triple A. Here is our logo:

That is about all I have to talk about and I am hoping to eventually get my partner Frank Collins on board for this. He is a funny guy and I would love to do a podcast with the guy here in the near future. Otherwise, I am going to get to work on this whole blog thingy. Talk to you all soon.

4 thoughts on “What is the Point?

  1. Primordia writer here — saw your question re: politics on Twitter. Happy to chat, if you’re curious, although I think the work should probably speak for itself, even if it’s misinterpreted! My email is below. Feel free to delete this, as it’s totally inapposite, but since I don’t use Twitter, couldn’t figure out how else to say hi.

  2. Shoot, didn’t even think to check back here. I’m a little loath to post the email address for spam bots to eat, but the first and last letters are the same as the first letter of the villain’s name, and in the middle is yohale. The email address is at gmail. Hopefully that’s enough, without Crispin to click on! 😀

  3. Hi Peter – love the blog, it’s so nice to see someone focusing on the artistic aspects of indie games! What’s the best way to get in touch if I’d like to share an indie game that I think you might be interested in?

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