Why I Love What I Am Playing: ‘Gnomoria’

Sometimes it is nice to be given a structured easel. For those with little artistic talent such as myself, it can be difficult to express oneself through drawing or photography. Thus, the somewhat open sandbox genre can provide people like me with a creative medium, while not requiring true artistic talent. Indeed ‘Gnomoria’ has been that exact release for me and I appreciate Robotronic Games for their work on the title.

‘Gnomoria’ has allowed me to create my own little village of Gnomes and establish a kingdom of sorts. As I’ve proclaimed in the past, I am a fan of casual games, which allow me to throw on some music and enjoy playing all the same. So check out some Gnomoria in the video below.

For more on ‘Gnomoria’ check out the official website. I have really enjoyed it, and as it is only in its alpha stages, I cannot wait to see the finished product.

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