Screenshot: ‘I Get This Call Every Day’

Above is a new screen from developer David S. Gallant’s upcoming game ‘I Get This Call Every Day’. Gallant is a Canadian Game Dev, with a wonderful sense of humor, a knack for style, and an awesome list of flash games. He’s easily contactable on the Twit spaces and is a real friendly fella.

Regardless of all my pimping out of a great, accessible, and sexy dev, he is making the game pictured above. It is a point-and-click based around his government job. You work as someone who handles phone calls from the citizens of Canada, where you have to deal with the ridiculous monotony and paperwork associated with working in a bureaucratic system. I think I got that right, or at least was close to the main message of the game. Regardless of that message, it promises to be as hilarious as a game only David could make.

I am most excited about the personal aspects of the game. Indie games are not only an opportunity to create a video game, but also are a means for personal expression. I know, from conversations with David, that he honestly believes with the accessibility of indie game dev programs we will begin seeing more games involving personal expression. David’s new game, ‘I Get This Call Every Day’, is a fantastic example of letting others experience one’s life through personal expression, and I appreciate the willingness to be open with one’s daily life very much.

So check out David on Twitter, play his games, and stay tuned for updates on ‘I Get This Call Every Day’. I know I will be anxiously awaiting its release.

3 thoughts on “Screenshot: ‘I Get This Call Every Day’

  1. Your article makes it sound like you are a simple enthusiast for the game and for the developers work. the developer however claimed (and it seems true by now) music you composed was used for the game. In this case the article looks very misleading without any clarification regarding your involvement with the game.

    As for the game it looks very crude. I get that it’s supposed to be intentionally irritating, but it fails to convey any sense of the world it’s supposed to represent even from a very impressionist perspective. It’s just pretty much there. real jobs even if they are menial serve one clear purpose, earning money. This game is neither fun nor in any way enlightening.

    Games like Spintires or Lager & Logistik Simulator have a similar idea behind them, yet at least display the intricacies of the job presented and can even offer a sense of fun for those interested.

    • Hey Harland. At the time of this article I had no involvement with the game. I had released my album earlier in the year and near the release of IGTCED David approached me and asked to use one of the songs from my album. I told him yes, although I didn’t accept any royalties for the game. If you’re to look at the next article I wrote about the game upon its release (link:, I openly stated I both had a close relationship with the developer and allowed him to use my song in the game.

      Hope that clears things up.

      • Thank you for the clarifications, Sir and I must say, your disclosure on the following article is admirable, I wished more writers had your integrity.

        Good luck and carry on !

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