This Needs Funding, but has Art, and a Cool Trailer: ‘Montague’s Mount’

I am a big fan of experiments and have a noted love of ‘Dear Esther’, and I welcome any effort at ingenuity in storytelling. ‘Montague’s Mount’, from developer Polypusher Studios, is a new game which I have officially put on my games to watch list. Not many games get on there. It is an psychological experiment in first person storytelling, taking place on a desolate Irish island. Players take the role of a fisherman stranded on the island encumbered by a leg injury, and must explore a fascinating unknown territory.

‘Montague’s Mount’ attempts a stab at the somewhat stale horror genre, by picking at the more human elements of horror such as the fragility of the mind. All the player has to go on in an old man limping, ship wreckage, and an apparently uninhabited island. But if escape is in the player’s interest, he/she must unveil the secrets of the island.

Polypusher Studios has put ‘Montague’s Mount’ up for funding on Indie Go Go, but there are only 10 days left and it is well short of its funding level. So run over there and check out that page, as it sounds like if there is not more funding the game may not be finished because the world is a cruel cruel place. You can learn more about ‘Montague’s Mount’ at the official website.

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