Preview: ‘Paradis Perdus’ by Sergey Mohov

Sergey Mohov is back in action. “Who’s Sergey Mohov?” you ask? He is the guy behind the hit puzzle game ‘Dedale’. Sergey is also a nice guy who says interesting things on the Twitospheres. ‘Dedale’ was a game I greatly appreciated for its simple beauty and subtle complexity, so naturally I was excited when Sergey contacted me to let me know his new game, ‘Paradis Perdus’ (Lost Paradises), is in alpha.

‘Paradis Perdus’ originated as a game made for the French Game Jam “Game à Niaque”, but Sergey and his team have decided to expand on the title and continue work on the game. Sergey is working with some other fellow people from his video game grad school. So, without further ado, here is a trailer of ‘Paradis Perdus’:

‘Paradis Perdus’ is a game about “not belonging”. Players essentially play as an infection, slowly destroying the beautiful world they have been placed into. The ground the player walks on gradually turns from green to orange, orange to red, and red to black, and then disappears completely. The only escape is through collecting three gems and escaping through a portal, which will restore the world to its beautiful original form. Sadly, as soon as a player decides to reenter the colorful landscape, it again begins to dissipate.

The fantastic Unity powered visuals, by artist Fabian Bodet, are accompanied by Matthieu Bonneau’s elegant soundtrack, which becomes distorted as the world falls apart around the player. You can listen to both the healthy version of the soundtrack and the infected version below. The sound manages to lighten a somewhat bleak, although creative message; that perhaps our presence is not always as welcome as we choose to perceive. This challenges our natural assumption in video games that we must save the world and become the hero.

Healthy Version:

Infected Version:

Luckily for you, the alpha version of ‘Paradis Perdus’ is available for download directly from Sergey’s blog for both Windows and Mac. Also, for more on ‘Paradis Perdus’ and Sergey Mohov take a look at Sergey’s blog and make sure to try out Dedale, which you can get on Desura and from the Dedale Official Website. Finally, look back here for a review when the final game is released, as I will old-fashioned Greek wrestle a copy out of Sergey.

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