This Needs Funding and Has Cool Trailer: ‘Empires at War 1805’

The dudes at ‘Oplon Games’ are sick of the hand-holding of the modern strategy game. They desired to create a turn-based strategy game embracing the player who

“…wants a challenge. One who does not need to learn the game in 5 minutes, and who can plan actions with long term effects. One who prefers the unpredictability of human opponents over artificial intelligence. One who enjoys a historic atmosphere as a background for his game, and loves to see events unfold in either a similar or a very different way that what really happened.”

‘Empires at War 1805’ is their attempt to make that game.

The game is set at the beginning of the Napoleonic Era and covers certain aspects of European history during that time. Each player takes plays as a “national leader of one of the seventeen predominate nations of the era, controlling diplomacy, economy, warfare and colonization”.

Does that tell me it is a game for me? No. I cannot even hold my attention long enough to complete a game of Civ Revolution, but I know some hardcore strategy gamers who would be psyched for something with more depth than the typical strategy release nowadays. It would appear ‘Empires at War’ will be delivering on that style of game.

If you are interested in ‘Empires at War’ go do some scouting at Indie Go Go. There is not much time left in their campaign and they still need about $6,000 in funding. Outside of that, their official website is both informative and well put together.

For this and more info on EAW, keep it here with

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