Preview: ‘Missense’

I do not condone gene therapy and I would like to preclude this article with that statement being at the forefront of your mind. Even more so, the combination of both gene therapy and golf seemingly could not befit me less, as I have the golf swing of a baseball player and the meanest slice this side of the Mississippi. However, in defiance of all odds, I have been introduced to a marriage of the two. Despite only a miniature introduction through a preview version, ‘Missense’ seems combine gene therapy with golf scoring in joyous matrimony.

‘Missense’ was introduced to me by developer xhunterko, who contacted me on Twitter about the puzzler. ‘Missense’ is a puzzle game where the player needs to alter genes to both meet requirements and race a timer. The goal is to complete each level in as few moves as possible to score under “par”. The genes are altered through a combination of different lines and shapes, which are learned through trial and error. It is as if you have to learn the golf course before having the ability to play it properly, just as it challenges your memory.


Overall, the game is coming along nicely. The sample puzzles are simple enough as of now and they make for a good casual puzzle game. There is slight elements of story involved, which I am anxious to see evolved and developed into something more. The idea behind ‘Missense’ is also quite sound, as it challenges the user to learn and memorize to be proficient at the levels.

So, if you would like to give ‘Missense’ a shot, you can take a look at it on Indie DB and you can also learn more from the dev on Twitter.

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