ManDate Podcast: Episode 2- A Budget Dinner with David S. Gallant

Hello! Welcome to the second episode of the Mandate Podcast! Those who listened last week learned that we will be doing this thing weekly, that our podcast is themed as a meal, and that we are jolly gents who love conversation. We appreciate your listening and hope you enjoy Ep. 2.

This Week’s Topics: ‘Super Hexagon’ releasing for PC and Mac, ‘Paradis Perdus’, Petey’s wild Steam spending spree, the bleeping of fiddle, the future of free games, ‘Race the Sun’, manly love, constant testosterone, David S. Gallant, gallons of lo mein, ‘Empires at War 1805’, ‘Swap’, Dale James’ killing spree, bags of milk, Bro App Player, and Anna.

If you would like to simply skip to the portions with David S. Gallant, go about an hour and a half in, and look for the main course portion.

P.S. The podcast is about 5 hours long, so use your time well.

2 thoughts on “ManDate Podcast: Episode 2- A Budget Dinner with David S. Gallant

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