Announcing: ManDate’s IGAAA Indie Game Awards!

Award shows are fun extravaganzas of opinions and ranking games. I too, like most people, enjoy having fun. So I have decided to hold my own awards show! An end of the year cacophony of guest stars (hopefully) and awards all held by me and my ManDate podcast co-host Frank Collins!

The show will be held in a live audio format, between December 17th and 24th, and we will be calling in devs from around the planet to ask them about their favorite games of the year! If they played any. As they are all busy creating games! Hopefully they will make time to come on the show.

Categories will include but are not limited to:

Best Art, Best Graphics, Genre Awards, Best Soundtrack, Best Sound, Most Innovative, Best Story, Most Anus-Injuring, Most Underrated, Most Overrated, Best Multiplayer, and many more!

The IGAAA Awards are the opinion of 1-3 men who in no way disagree with your noble opinions.

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