Cool Trailer: ‘Out There’


Mi-Clos Studio has announced ‘Out There’, a new space-bound gaming endeavor. You can view the teaser video above, which is a tantalizing taste of what’s to come. The trailer teems with graphic novel-inspired visuals, which captures the feel of 70’s space-themed comic books.

Gameplay details are still slim, but a collaboration with FibreTigre (an interactive fiction expert), and Mi-Clos Studio’s first outing, ‘Space Disorder‘ suggest a mixture of multiple genre elements. All that is known as fact is that players will take the role of an astronaut stranded in space trying to find their way back to earth. To do so the player must manage resources, mine planets and probe stars, communicate with exotic civilizations, and craft powerful equipment.

No release date has been announced for ‘Out There’, so everyone is going to have to suck it up and wait for this promising release. In the mean time you can learn more on Mi-Clos Studio’s official website and on Michael Peiffert’s Twitter page.

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