Interactive Fiction and Stephen Fry Fans Should Play ‘Moonlight’


Jonas and Verena Kyratzes presents a sort of magical and mystical aura in most everything they create, which includes one of the best games of the year, a fantastic and psychotic mythical world, and Jonas’ new interactive fiction piece titled ‘Moonlight’.

‘Moonlight’ is a free and fully text-based adventure in which the player attends a party where immense shenanigans and life-affecting moments occur. Also, there is plenty of Stephen Fry involved. The game features plenty of Jonas Kyratzes’ classic over-the-top symbolism and ridiculous reality-defying moments. I became a bird and flew to the moon at one point with a renowned member of history. It was all outrageous and induces giddiness throughout these twists and turns.

Yet, with any Kyratzes piece the real world lingers near and the tangibility can sometimes choke you into submission. ‘Moonlight’ remains true to the nature of existence. It captures our moments of whimsy and contrasts them to the deep hole that is realism. ‘Moonlight’ is a condensed taste of the bipolarity the human mind is capable of and the crushing feel of a panic attack, all packaged in another fantastic Kyratzes adventure.

Maybe I am gushing. Maybe I am a plant. I do not know. I do know you should play through ‘Moonlight’, which you can find here. I hope you enjoy and please be willing to tell me how wrong I am about everything below!

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