David S. Gallant’s ‘I Get This Call Every Day’ Available Now!

[youtube http://youtu.be/AOJ0oUaDL0U]

David S. Gallant’s new game, I Get This Call Every Day’ (IGTCED), about working a day job and the miserable difficulties that accompany it is available now at David’s website.

As you all know, whether you be ManDate fans or Twitter fans, I have a fairly close relationship with David and have one of my songs from my most recent indie album featured in IGTCED. So, do keep that in mind while you read this. I enjoy being forthright with info like that.

David was kind enough to give me a copy and I played through a few times. The phone call is a daunting task to sit through. It feels as though the caller is intentionally screwing with your head and trying to dead end himself. At one point I asked for his full name and he gave me his first name. Billy Swarth knows nothing about anything and you have to sit there and hear him complain to you about the security questions you have to ask him to avoid getting fired. The experience is in no way “fun”.

But that is the catch and the point. David does not want the player to have fun during the game and it shows. There are a couple laughs because of how ridiculous the occurrences are, but overall the experience is a bleak and miserable affair, which is obviously the way David feels about his job.  This is not a game focused on entertaining you, but rather a game set on teaching you about how miserable a government job can truly be.

If you would like to give IGTCED the college try you can purchase it from David’s website for a minimum of $2 or $1,000,000 if you are inclined. You can obtain the music for $FREE or more on my gumroad page (shameless self promotion is always a good thing). IGTCED is a worthwhile purchase, especially if you are looking to see how truly personal the video game medium can be.

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