Pondering ‘Scrolls’, Despite Its Generic Nomer

I wish ‘Scrolls’ wasn’t so unfortunately named. I guess it fits. Its named ‘Scrolls’ because it’s built around using scrolls. But, oh well, I suppose the nerdy stereotypical obsession with having some kind of power through magic needs to continue to exist so as not to upset the powers of the universe. We should continue hiding behind mythology and unreal power so as not to upset the structure of the strong man and the weak nerd who runs around wielding a stick and claiming he can cast “fireballs”. Plus the whole Magical Scrolls holding immense power thing is so generic and trod that it takes away any magic from the actual casting of those scrolls. Perhaps I am overreacting, which is likely true. Eh, whatever. SCROLLS!!!!!!!

‘Scrolls’ is a digital card/board game developed by Mojang. Yep, that Mojang. First of all, I have heard plenty of complaining over the development of ‘Scrolls’, which is likely either from ‘Minecraft’ obsessionists or ‘Minecraft’ haters. But, I applaud Mojang for not bowing to the public and developing something new, even daring. Despite its not-so-daring name. And ‘Scrolls’ looks to be pretty fantastic.

[youtube http://youtu.be/ZdZpx2vyCm0]

I’ve long been a fan of board games and a confessed TCG addict. My search for that obsession to be captured digitally still rages on with a pretty intense fury. ‘Solforge’ has temporarily filled that void, but that game feels optimized for mobile devices and may be more of a distraction than a permanent solution to my enjoyment of board game. Kind of like, you play ‘Solforge’ on the bus, during work break, or between class, but it isn’t what you sit down with for a full experience. If ‘Solforge’ is for the modern gamer, ‘Scrolls’ is for the person who enjoys a game of Memoir ’44 or Dominion. But it probably isn’t quite for those who enjoy Through the Ages or a number of longer board games. I apologize to those who haven’t played those games as that reference may have been lost on you.

‘Scrolls’ combination of TCG and board game mechanics makes it an intriguing choice for those looking to move into digital board games. I’m thinking about picking it up and giving it a go.

So what do you think about ‘Scrolls’? Have any of you tried it and what do you think about it so far? Also, as a gamer, where does ‘Scrolls’ fit into your regimen?

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