Dear 50% of the Company of Heroes 2 Community: Shut up.

The Company of Heroes series is exceptional. The original Company of Heroes in particular will probably go down as my favorite RTS of all time. That is, unless CoH2 catches up. And I think it will.

If you’ve paid attention at all to what the CoH2 community has been saying lately, that may surprise you. You may even be inclined to call me an idiot for saying such a thing. A noob, maybe. Perhaps even a nidiot. An idioob.

That’s because the narrative among the most vocal CoH2 players has been exceedingly, and often unfairly, negative. And I’ve had enough of that.

Look, I’ve played an embarrassing number of hours of CoH 1 and 2. CoH2 in particular I’ve been playing since the Alpha. I know how far it is from being perfect. I understand there are issues. But the thing is, even with its flaws, CoH2 is still a really, really, (wait for it) really fun game to play.

I’m not the only one who realizes this. I meet people all the time in-game who gush with me at the end of battles over how much fun that just was. More often, however, there are cries of ‘OP!!!!!” (OP=Overpowered)

“Mgs are OP!!”

“SUs are OP!!!”

“Conscript Spam is OP!!!!”

“Flamer Halftracks, Panzer IVs, Elephants, Mortars, Guards, Snipers, Buildings, BULLETS ARE OP!!!!” I’ve heard almost everything, either in-game or on message boards.

**I am about to present to you a radical idea**: Just because you lose to someone using a particular unit, that does not make it overpowered. Instead of continuing on with your existing strategy, try to adapt and figure out how to beat it.

Multiplayer CoH2 matches contain some of the most beautiful chaos in gaming.

That is where the true beauty of the CoH franchise lies. It’s not just about having the right units on the field, it’s about using what you have out there well.

CoH2 needs work. It does. I’m not defending the game so much as I am just tired of hearing people act so spoiled and childish when the game is not exactly how they want it to be. Accept the game for what it is at this point, and know that Relic will continue to patch it and hopefully help it realize its potential.

And for the love of all that is holy, have fun with it. Please. Remember fun?

Take a deep breath, and enjoy one of the best RTSs out right now. And if you haven’t played it yet, do yourself a favor and give it a try.

If you want to see what the game looks like in action, Stephennjf is my favorite streamer. Check him out. He’s one of the best people playing right now and goes out of his way to try new strategies and offer advice to viewers.

Also, check out Just watch out for trolls.

Finally, I’ll leave you with what is probably the best game of CoH2 I’ve ever seen up to this point. Feel free to skip the intro. Enjoy:


3 thoughts on “Dear 50% of the Company of Heroes 2 Community: Shut up.

  1. I’d like to think that’s exaggerated a bit. I enjoy how much people care about the game, and I have no doubt their feedback helps Relic. I just wish in general people didn’t repeatedly bring up issues of balance in game chats all the time, where it does no good and just annoys everyone else.

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