Valve Unveils Steam OS

Today Valve made a potentially groundbreaking announcement by announcing SteamOS. Their foray into the world of Operating Systems.

SteamOS will be a Linux-based Operating System, with the ultimate interest in bringing Steam to living rooms. The OS will be free to download for users. Other features included in the SteamOS will include Family Sharing, In-Home Streaming, Media Services, and Family Options.

The announcement could have impact sooner than expected as Valve was quoted as saying: “SteamOS will be available soon as a free download for users and as a freely licensable operating system for manufacturers. Stay tuned in the coming days for more information.”

The announcement is the first of three large announcements Valve plans to make this week and speculation will begin on what the following two announcements will bring.

Our team speculates a partnership with Nvidia in creation of a Steam console which will boot directly to Steam OS and allow users to run Steam conveniently in their living room.

It seems as though Valve has successfully gathered all of its user-base and offered them one solution to their gaming needs.

One thing is for certain: If SteamOS manages to offer a viable and relatively inexpensive alternative to Microsoft and Sony systems, as well as a capable OS opposite what Apple and Microsoft are offering, we may see a crucial shift in computing market share happening soon.

Valve’s next announcement will come Wednesday at 10:00am Pacific. You can learn more here.

So what do you speculate will happen with SteamOS and will it shake up the current OS hierarchy?

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