Mandate Radio: Ep. 4 (10/16/2013)

Mandate Radio: Ep. 4 (10/16/2013)

(This weeks episode is brought to you by Apocalypse Industries)

Happy Wednesday everyone and welcome to yet another happy pleasant rendition of Mandate Radio! This week Frank Collins takes on the host cap and welcomes co-host Pete Mascio back once again. Despite the obvious lack of a mysterious presence, the guys move forward and brave some game talk.  Frank introduces Pete to a new workout program and helps Pete lose his stubborn stubborn butt fat. The guys then talk about ‘DOTA 2’, ‘Starseed Pilgrim’, and Frank’s venture into sport gaming with ‘Mount Your Friends’. In a typically sparse news section the guys talk Steam Controllers and ‘The Stanley Parable’. Then the guys get rando.

We hope you enjoy! MANDATE RADIO!

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