Exploring Twine and ‘A Very Very Very Scary House’

Last week’s podcast was the first I had ever heard of Twine, a free to use tool that allows users to create interactive stories.  This peaked my interest, not just because “free” is my favorite number, but because it seems very accessible, even to those with no programming experience.  This means anybody with an awesome story to tell can get their hands on this software and share it with the world.  Mark my words, there is real potential for amazing content to come from Twine, be it amazingly awesome or amazingly stupid.  Personally, I’m excited for both.

Looking for a brief introduction to Twine, and being in an Halloween mood, I quickly turned to ‘A Very Very Very Scary House’ from Anna Anthropy.  This story, built on Twine, is a cutesy choose your own adventure about exploring a scary house, and with over 50 unique endings.

While this isn’t the bone chilling horror story I usually shoot for around Halloween, it was totally adorable.  I would absolutely recommend this to anyone with kids or younger siblings who like to read.  I’m sure they’ll enjoy it.

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