Mandate Radio: Ep. 8 (11/20/2013)

Mandate Radio: Ep. 8 (11/19/2013)

Happy Wednesday everyone! and welcome back to another delicious, tantalizing, and sensual offering of Mandate Radio, which could also be described as Indie Games AAA’s premier podcast. In other words, you are in for a treat. Pete and Franky get right back at it in what may be the most recent episode of Mandate Radio yet, where they final close the book on ‘DOTA 2’ conversations. They then talk ‘Avatar Trials’, ‘Legend of Grimrock’, ‘Gnomoria’, ‘A Kingdom of Keflings’, and ‘Kerbal Space Program’. For the news, the guys jump into the PS4 release feet first. Then, they finish off with a fresh rando section, which ends up a bit off-kilter from the norm. The result is a medley of fun and man love. Enjoy! 

2 thoughts on “Mandate Radio: Ep. 8 (11/20/2013)

  1. Dear, Indie Games AAA,

    I would like you to offer an immediate apology to one John Weinandy. I heard on your last episode that someone was such a great fan of yours that they were disappointed they were not able to get the only podcast that comes out on Wednesday through iTunes. Pete seemed to think that this person was Tom Weinandy. Now I know both Weinandy brothers, and this clearly sound more like the action of a loving and caring person of which Tom is not. Tom is the kind of person to run away to a third world country to avoid any sort of thing that would be considered a friendly act, a third world country like Kenya. Francis has mentioned on many occasions about the beauty of Peter, but I am not sure this is true for these kind of offensive confusions of Weinandy’s is not the work of any man with inner beauty and the lack of a videopocast indicates there probably is not much there in the outer beauty department as well. I expect this from the likes of Pete, but why would Frank, the esteemed host that he is, not correct the ignorant Pete. I will be listening to your next podcast with great anticipation for your apology and groveling. I hope John finds it in his heart to forgive you both, and knowing how wonderful of a man he is I reckon he will.
    Offended In Ohio

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