Mandate Radio: Ep. 15 (1/15/2014)

Mandate Radio: Ep. 15 (1/15/2014)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! and welcome to week 15 of Mandate Radio. In yet another stunning episode, Pete brings the energy, Frank hurt his elbow, the guys had dinner with Charlotte, Pete doesn’t trust vegetarian products, Joe’s miraculous weight loss, kilograms, how Pete reads books, and much more. The guys then discuss some vidga games. Joe starts off with X-Com and DOTA. Pete brings a renewed sense of faith in Nintendo having played Super Mario 3D World. He also bought a 3DS and discusses that. Frank finishes off with some retro classics in Lord of the Rings: The Third Age and Rhythm Heaven: Fever. Finally, the rando segment goes off the rails when Pete’s roommate visits and tells some very fascinating stories.

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