Preview: Blackwell Epiphany

If you’re a die hard Mandate Radio fan, you’ve surely heard me gush about the Blackwell series from developer Wadjet Eye Games.  Being the resident adventure game/Blackwell expert, I was given the privilege of spending some quality time with a preview build of Blackwell Epiphany, the fifth and final installment in the series.  The game is currently available for pre-order and due for release on April 24th.

Let’s get right to it.  I loved my time with Blackwell Epiphany.  As with everything from Wadjet Eye, these games are full of fantastic art, captivating puzzles, and intoxicating stories, and  Epiphany is no exception.  In fact, Epiphany is the graphical and stylistic pinnacle of the series.  The quality of the character portraits are phenomenal and the subtle bits of animation in the scenes really bring the world to life.  Something as simple as Rosa leaving footprints in the snow, or snowflakes falling from the sky, show a level of fit and finish that this game deserves.


The final installment of the series continues the story of Rosangela, a medium, and her spirit guide, Joey, as they try to unravel the mysteries surrounding the dangerous “force” that is destroying the souls of the dead.  If you’re a fan of the series, there are some truly jaw dropping story moments to be had.  It seems (don’t quote me on it) that we may finally learn a little about Joey’s back story, and for somebody as invested in the story as I am, this was nothing short of euphoric.  I also had my jaw on the floor for other, darker reasons.

Epiphany is pulling no punches and finds itself dealing out some rather grisly content.  Funny moments of cheeky dialogue are contrasted by poignant points of violence and metaphysical anguish.  The danger is real and present and decidedly more intense than the previous games in the series.  This beautifully highlights the growth of the characters as well as the severity of their situation.  Things are dire, indeed.

If you’re at all interested in what you’ve just read, pick up the series and start playing.  It’s a great adventure game with a heavy dose of quirk and love-ability with a truly interesting story to boot.  The Blackwell Series has given me many, many hours of enjoyment, and I find it hard to believe that the end is almost nigh.  

In short, Blackwell Epiphany seems to be the capstone the series deserves, and I am unbelievably excited to get my hands on it.

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