The Great Digital TCG Search of 2014 (Ep.1 and Intro)- ‘Infinity Wars’

Today begins the search for my Magic: The Gathering replacement with the first weekly installment of “The Great Digital TCG Search of 2014”. I want to quickly introduce you to the segment in writing, in case I didn’t properly cover it in the video. I just want to list my criteria for the card game and a list of the games which are currently in consideration.


  • Games Last Between 5-20 Minutes
  • Deck Building
  • Playable on Tablets
  • No Significant Financial Strain (More than $100 for a deck)
  • Free Unlocks
  • Matchmaking
  • Multiple Game Modes

I am not discounting games that do not meet these criteria, but it will play into my decision. And as a special surprise, I decided to do this bracket style, because brackets are great. There are 8 seeds, all of which will go head-to-head and be eliminated one by one. Here are the competing games and the full bracket:


Bracket of the Search


This week I jump into #3 Seed Infinity Wars, a Kickstarter success that has found its way onto Steam’s Free-to-Play list. Without further ado:

Next week I will cover War of Omens, the competition of Infinity Wars, and then one of the two will move on and the other will be savagely eliminated from the running.

Check back every Thursday as the search continues!

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