‘Flix The Flea’ Campaign Now Live on Kickstarter

You may remember Psychotic Psoftware from ‘Power-Up’ a successful side-scrolling shoot em’ up on XBLIG.  which is now vying to get Greenlit. Well, Mike Hanson, the one-man wrecking ball of a team at Psychotic Psoftware, has begun a Kickstarter campaign for a retro-style platformer called ‘Flix The Flea’.

Flix lives on a dog and the dog happens to be an astronaut. Flix and the dog go to space and Flix leaves the dog to do some exploring.  Flix falls into a chasm, gets trapped, and then needs to use his powerful insect freakometry to escape from caves, which have monstrous insect murdering reptiles. Luckily, Flix only needs to move upward.

Getting upward can be difficult so let’s talk mechanics. Well, I was pleased to find out that the flea games were a sub-genre on 8-bit machines in the early 80’s, but lost steam into the 90’s and all but disappeared as consoles progressed. ‘Flix The Flea’ works on a three-button system. One of the buttons pauses the game. The other two are “Left” and “Right”. Essentially, you can jump left or jump right and the height you jump is dependent on how long you hold down the button.

Overall, the game seems like a fascinating revisit of a mechanic that was lost to time and technology. Mike, from Psychotic Psoftware, needs money for the license to his art software. The Kickstarter campaign began on April 1st. At the very least give it a look and check out some pretty dope mechanics.

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