Preview- ‘Black Ice: The Game’

I’m back!… talking about Black Ice again! As far our hardest of core fans go, you may remember my brief but exceptionally sweet Indie Taste Test of ‘Black Ice: The Game’, a hack-and-slash RPG hyper cyborg shooter from the future with a focus on hacking stuff and fighting baddies. If you were able to get past how shoddy and unprofessional our videos used to be (candidly speaking of course), then you realize I was quite enthused with the time I spent with ‘Black Ice’.

Snap forward a dramatic amount of time later and I am once again in the midst of playing ‘Black Ice’. Much has changed since my initial playthrough. Most notably, multiplayer has been added in, which I unfortunately never had a chance to play. Otherwise, the focus of the game has remained in tact. You play a hacker stealing from small and big companies alike, working your way past viruses in the process.

These viruses are represented through horrible neon monsters, such as spiders, flying squids and what looked to be a giant shark in the sky. I couldn’t truly tell as I was too busy running from it as fast as I could before ducking behind a building and feebly popping out to take a quick pot shot at it. Essentially, each time you activate a corporation to hack, a timer begins and waves of enemies begin spawning. Once the timer runs out, you must defeat the remaining enemies and then you get your loot.


The item system and level up system are well implemented. As I jumped from building to building hacking to my hearts content, I felt like I was quickly building my character into the type of character I wanted. I am a fast hacker with incredible amounts of RAM (a gauge which empties as you use items, sprint, and jump), and insane movement speed. I’m essentially your Red-Bull drinking, male-nourished, unshowered, insanely talented hacker who lives on the edge of blowing his CPU at any moment. You know, my dream.

The hectic mini-game style of play makes for an addictive time, which sneaks up on you quickly. I lost 4 or 5 hours of one night playing without nary a wink. Generally, that was exactly the same reaction I had throughout my playing of ‘Black Ice’. It’s surprisingly good at bringing together polar mechanics and melding them together incredibly well. I am excited for further iterations of the game, as it has come so far from when I last played it until now, that I can only imagine how well the final version will play.

If you’ve enjoyed what I’ve been saying go check out ‘Black Ice: The Game’ by downloading the demo on Indie DB or just make the dive and purchase the game from the official website. But, no matter what you do, vote for the game on Steam Greenlight. I’ll check back in on ‘Black Ice: The Game’ soon so look back for updates!

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