2 thoughts on “The Great Digital TCG Search of 2014 (Ep.3)- Group D Results

  1. hi Pete, love what you are doing on comparing these TCGs. i myself is an avid TCGs fan too, same like you i am also hunting for good TCG to anchor myself to. I played quite a number of TCGs too. My own rating so far out of all the TCGs i played, is Shadow Era for number 1. War of Omens for number 2. Not sure if you have heard of Shadow Era, but trust me. It is very good. It allows in-depth synergistic strategies, good graphics, and most importantly, it is a balanced game. The developers are putting a lot of effort in balancing the game. Hate to say, an imbalanced game is spoiling all the fun. (spoiler: like what i think happened in Hearthstone by having some ridiculously overpowered cards) Also currently the Shadow Era developers are releasing a new expansion Shattered Fate to Shadow Era. Not just adding new cards but also a bunch of interesting new features. Campaign mode, players marketplace, and above-all the most exciting, 2vs2 multiplayer other than conventional 1vs1. Please check it out, it is a cross-platform TCG, currently available on IOS, Android, PC, Mac. Developers are working hard right now, as they just had their Kickstarter done few months ago.

  2. Thanks Sam! I may need a new game for the bracket as one of them seems inaccessible to me so far. If it does fall out, I’ll take a look at Shadow Era and see if it meets my criteria. Thanks for watching! I hope you stick with me until the end.

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