Find the Antitode in 30 Minutes or Less in ‘Still Alive’

Multiplayer games seem to be always craving a new twist. Whether it be a new catch to pull people towards something different or a slight twist on an old favorite (see Titanfall). Only on occasion do you find something that is actually intriguing. Especially from my standpoint, as a man who really has only been intrigued by one multiplayer game over the course of the past five years. So it takes quite a bit to impress me. Maybe. I’m not really sure anymore.

So let’s talk about ‘Still Alive’, an indie multiplayer game from Binji, a small indie developer from Hamburg, Germany. The concept behind ‘Still Alive’ is pretty incredible. Meteors struck the Earth and now an extraterrestrial race and a horrible virus threaten all of mankind. You have 30 minutes to find one of the limited antidotes, which all other players are also searching for. If you don’t find the antidote, permadeath is your prize. If you do manage to find the antidote, you continue on with all your gear and weaponry.

‘Still Alive’ features two game modes. You can go your own way and hunt against everyone else in Standard Mode or team up with other players or friends in Team Survival Mode. I really enjoy the idea of teaming up with my friends and taking on others in the interest of finding the only cures known to man. Then again I also enjoy the idea of blaming Frank and Joe for our horrible demise.

The actual gameplay seems pretty cool. Live in game crafting, character customization, To help make the experience all the more stressful, there is a method for crafting weapons out of found materials. Hunting animals for food and/or scavenging is vital as well. The task sounds daunting, but it is only made more difficult by the fact that the world is filled with other living, breathing, and thinking people, as well as horrible AI monsters. Essentially, the game works like this:


The world is stylized as a 2D platformer. Everything looks run down and gritty. It’s almost as though the world has ended. The character movement looks vaguely familiar to me but I can’t put my finger on it. The world is deeper than just a 2D landscape. From what the trailer shows, players will move in and out of buildings and scavenge plenty of different environments for the cure.

The whole experience of ‘Still Alive’ sounds intriguing and enjoyable. I’m curious to see how good the game gets with another year of development under  its belt. One of my measures for a multiplayer game is how well it can play with friends and ‘Still Alive’ would be a great game to fight with friends over. As for me, I’ll be keeping an eye on this through development. It has the potential to be fantastic.

‘Still Alive’ is planned for release in 2015, but while you patiently wait you can find it on Kickstarter! There’s only a short amount of time to go and they could really use the support!

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