Point-and-Click ‘Inspire Me’ Headed to Kickstarter April 18th

Are you in the market for an adorable and lovingly handcrafted adventure game?  If so, I have just the game for you.  ‘Inspire Me‘ is an upcoming point-and-click from developer Blyts (based in Buenos Aires, Argentina) that features incredibly charming and colorful artwork reminiscent of a children’sbook.

Due to hit Kickstarter on Friday, April 18th, ‘Inspire Me’ tells the tale of Little Kelvin, a young boy who may have altered, “the world’s history forever with his monkey business,” by playing with his father’s time machine.  Because of Kelvin’s mistake, the greatest minds in history have lost their inspiration, and it’s your job to bring it to them.

By solving puzzles and indulging in a bit of humor, you’ll help Little Kelvin on his way to restoring inspiration to the great minds who have lost it.  You’ll need to help Leonardo Da Vinci get Mona Lisa to smile, help Beethoven complete his 5th symphony, and find a way to position Isaac Newton under the apple tree at just the right time.  The game will be divided into three scenarios with each scenario featuring a different historical figure.

A bit about the developer–

Blyts is an indie game studio, currently the company have 7 live games totalling more than 11 million downloads. Some of the success includes the Greedy Spiders series for iOS and Android.

We are really proud of what we do and we love it!

That’s one of the secrets of developing great games.

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