Navigate Your Swan Wisely in ‘Origami Kami’

I think I can appreciate the difficulty of a senior project. Sometime, about a year ago, I submitted mine to my University. I received little fan fare but a “nicely done” and a college degree for my three months of work. Unlike me, a student team from the University of Utah’s Entertainment Arts and Engineering program not only got to have the same joys of rigorous work as I did, but get to see their game, ‘Oragami Kami’, released onto the PS Vita.

Unlike my project, ‘Origami Kami’ was developed over 8 months by a team of 11 students and the involvement of young developers can definitely be seen. It has an exceptionally vibrant and lively art style with nice bright blues and greens, as well as some good looking autumn leaves.


The gameplay in ‘Origami Kami’ seems relaxing and simplistic. It’s a 3D puzzle game where the player controls a small boat. As the player floats along the river they are tasked with collecting paper cranes, while they do their best to stay away from pitfalls such as whirlpools. Cranes that are collected can be used as a form of currency for new boat models and skins.

It’s always interesting to see the work of programmers and artists just starting out, so ‘Origami Kami’ is definitely something to watch. It’s currently $1.29 on Playstation Mobile for the Playstation Vita and Playstation certified Android devices. You can learn more about the game here.

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