Dream Decisions Matter in ‘Wake the Dreamer’

You wake up. Single, alone, and jobless in a small apartment. You can go out and further your life by finding a job and then better jobs, upgrading your living space, and discovering romance. Here’s the catch. The real world isn’t the only thing that decides if you have the ability to do so. In ‘Wake the Dreamer’, an upcoming mobile game for Android and iPhone from Ali Sakhapour, your decisions in your dreams are just as important as your decisions in life.

You begin ‘Wake the Dreamer’ by creating a character and jumping into a mundane world. But the mundane world has everything to do with the dream world. Players will need to explore both worlds to truly advance the state of their character. The daytime also includes activities like apartment customization and upgrading jobs. At nighttime the goal is to explore and discover. But be wary of your choices.

[youtube http://youtu.be/Y6lUVz1kdOk]

Nighttime dreams affect the player in somewhat terrifying ways. The terror you meet in your dreams can manifest itself in the real world. The romantic choices you make can affect the direction of romance that your character takes. It’s the consequences of dreaming that count, which could be more than you can imagine.

One of the coolest features of the game is that it operates in real time. Think Animal Crossing, but less turnips and more exploration. The presence of a game like this on a phone makes it even more accessible. Your character lives as you live and sometimes it would be nice to jump out of the real world for a quick romp around the dream world.

‘Wake the Dreamer’ is still in development and there should be a Kickstarter page going live soon. I know I’m super interested and its just one more instance of me growing to despise my Windows Phone. Until the Kickstarter goes live make sure to check out ‘Wake the Dreamer’ on Facebook, at their official website, and on Twitter.

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