‘War Memory’ is a Fun Take on Old-Fashioned Memory Games

Hey reader! Remember that old game you used to play where you and one other person would flip two tiles and try to match them up with one another? There were tons of variations. You could get ones with Sesame Street characters or farm animals or Pokemon. I always liked those games because my family was in a big struggle to prove which child was the smartest. I never won. But now I have a chance for redemption because ‘War Memory’, which is currently in beta for Android devices and Kongregate, exists and is really addictive.

‘War Memory’ takes that old memory game and replaces some key elements. It’s no longer a race to see who can clear the board with the most combinations made. Instead, ‘War Memory’ takes on the background of building a military. Each unit or item has a slightly different effect. For example, an air strike does immediate damage, infantry does damage over time, and flags bring in reinforcement for ground units.

[youtube http://youtu.be/kWW8yXOOQe0?list=UUm6-QZtJ-8G6Zk1cyfoAxPg]

The game can be won by depleting an opponent’s health bar. After you put together your units, they will begin attacking on your opponent’s turn. The longer your opponent takes to make a decision, the more damage your units will do. Once the health bar is depleted you move on from one objective point to the next. The kicker is that you need to win a certain objective to win the match. It becomes a tug of war match, with either player needing to win multiple games in a row to win the match.

‘War Memory’ even features local multiplayer, so you can enjoy it with your friends or kids. While it may not be the most sophisticated effort, ‘War Memory’ is a nice game to add to your bag of tricks on your Android Device. Digital Synapsis has something optimized for mobile devices and it’s totally worth checking out and far more habit forming than you would expect.

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