Go Deeper into Space in ‘Star Traders 2’ Now on Kickstarter

I’m not sure if our readers have heard of ‘Star Traders’ from Trese Brothers Games, but plenty of people have. With over 500,000 downloads on the Google Play Store and a rating of 4.3, ‘Star Traders’ could be considering a resounding success. The proposition of a deep, challenging, and rewarding Sci-Fi Game for mobile devices is obviously an appealing idea, especially when you have space nerds like me roaming the Android marketplace. With the announcement of ‘Star Traders 2’ hitting Kickstarter, we all have a chance to revisit one of the deepest space RPGs on our mobile devices, Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs.

In ‘Star Traders 2’ players control a captain, ship, and crew while exploring the galaxy. You get to hand-pick a crew, customize a modular ship, and command your way around a wide-open universe. The Brothers Trese have put a bunch of work into building the lore of the galaxy and leave the world open-ended for players to play what they want to play, whether it be a pirate, spy, mercenary, mercenarious spy, spyish pirate, bounty hunter, etc. The original ‘Star Traders’ was exceptional at making your story of your captain, ship, and space lifestyle just as important as the rest of the universe.

[youtube http://youtu.be/qx3UVDf57P4]

Combat will include ship on ship combat as well as hand to hand combat when a ship’s crew boards another ship. Combat is turn-based, allowing for strategic elements to each battle. Your crew will need to be properly trained to take on the challenges ahead. While you aren’t fighting you can be smuggling, trading, or transporting rare goods or illegal stuffs.

I wish I could tell you more, but check out the Kickstarter page. The list of features is just so long that it would take me far too much time to talk about everything. The Trese Brothers seem determined to release something RPG players will truly love. I will be waiting for this and will definitely have it on my games to watch list until it’s released.

‘Star Traders 2’ promises to be incredibly deep and rewarding. The systems built in the first game and the improvements promised in the second game make this a top tier mobile game. The Trese Brothers made ‘Star Traders’ as their first foray into game development, but since then they have grown, and ‘Star Traders 2’ looks to be an impressive offering with the potential of being the type of game that reminds you that people are making legitimately deep games for mobile devices. Count me intrigued, count me impressed, and count me to be exploring Trese Brothers Games new game as soon as I possibly can.

In the meantime make your way over to Trese Brothers official website to check out some of their other games and decide if you think ‘Star Traders 2’ is worth funding


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