Mandate Radio: Ep. 52 (10/1/2014)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 52 (10/1/2014)

Happy Wednesday and one whole year of Mandate Radio everybody! The guys have been at it for some time and refuse to leave you. So they did 52 whole episodes of Mandate Radio! This week, Pete and Frank are joined by special guest Joe Fisher and very special guest John “Huey” Weinandy. Discussions for the week include John being fancy with his video games, ‘Team Fortress 2’, ‘Ascension’, ‘The Wolf Among Us’, ‘Aralorn’, ‘Cthulu Saves the World’, ‘Ultimate General Gettysburg’, ‘The Ship’, and ‘Surgeon Simulator’. Then, in news, the guys talk Steam Music and Dota patch. Finally, in rando, Charlotte and her friend arrive unannounced.

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