Mandate Radio: Ep. 56 (10/29/2014)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 56 (10/29/2014)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Pete, Frank, and Joe are here for Episode 56 and the guys are dying to discuss more ‘Shadow of Mordor’, ‘Rust’ updates, Pete’s fan-fiction, ‘Don’t Starve’, ‘Octodad: Dadliest Catch’, ‘Legend of Grimrock 2’, ‘Pix the Cat’, ‘Destiny’, ‘Devil’s Attorney’, and ‘Sleeping Dogs’. In news, the guys talk about ‘The Stanley Parable’ selling 1 million copies, death threats galore, and Pete issues a correction about ‘Fat Beets’. Finally, in an awesome rando segment, the guys talk about their gaming origins.

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