Switching to a Star-Based Rating System

I really hate most numbers-based game rating systems. They’re pretty terrible. So for the past year our reviews have been devoid of a “numbered rating scale”. But I began to feel like changing it… so I have. We will now be operating on a star-based rating scale. It’s simple: 1-5 stars for any game we review from this point forward, starting with the ‘Bayonetta’ review posted earlier.

So, first I’ll explain why I’m doing this and then I’ll explain what the star system is. I think quantified reviews are more enjoyable for the reader. They give a sense of how good the writer truly thinks the game is. Most importantly though, is that they’re fun. I still fully expect our readers to read our reviews, but giving them a quantifiable number at the bottom doesn’t seem so bad.

However, this is not a system that just states that a game is perfect or average or whatever. For example, a game can be flawed in one way or another and still receive 5 stars. The stars simply state, here is what I personally think of this game and here is a rating that reflects that. For example, while I know that ‘Dark Souls’ was not a perfect game (being that when you got into Blight Town the world moved in slow motion), it was still one of the best games I had ever played. For me, it was a 5-star game and a must-play. It was a game I will remember fondly for a long time.

5 Stars

Meanwhile, 0 stars will be the lowest possible rating. This means a game is total garbage. I doubt we will give many of these.

The system isn’t perfect (the guys over at GiantBomb.com use a similar system and admit that it is flawed but a good compromise), but it does well to give an easily readable summation of our experience to those who scroll to the bottom of the page for a score.

If you have any questions please hit me up on Twitter @indiepetey and I’d gladly accommodate you. Thanks for reading.

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