Celebrate Christmas Vidga-Game Style with Tunes from ’12 GB of Christmas’

Christmas time is right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you can stop being a gamer. Because you can’t. And you never will. But do not worry my friend, all will be well. Now, through the power of Robby Duguay’s crazy electronic compositional skills, you can listen to all your favorite Christmas tunes, as though they were taken right out of an 8-bit video game, with ’12 GB of Christmas’! Here’s a sample:


There are two volumes available. Volume 1 is priced at $5 and holds the track “MegaChild”, which may be the most boss name for a Christmas track ever. And Volume 2 was just released on the 8th for $7.Both albums have a ton of brilliant songs and titles, and the composition is pretty amazing. You can pick out some classic video game sounds amidst the caroling. The drums particularly stand out. I think they remind me of ‘Pokemon’. In general both Volumes are awesome and totally worth checking out if you’re into the spirit of video game Christmas.

Go support Robby and get some Christmas music in the meantime. It’s Christmas, for MegaChild’s sake.

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