Mandate Radio: Ep. 70 (2/4/2015)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 70 (2/4/2015)

Happy Thursday everyone!?!?  Yes, the podcast is going up a day late due to Frank’s incompetence and perpetual lack of sleep.  Frank sends his sincerest apologies!

In this episode Pete, Frank, and Joe are back once again to talk about video games!  Joe continues to hold down the Dota 2 fort whilst Pete reminisces about finishing Dragon Age: Inquisition.  Frank, in a shocker for the ages, actually BOUGHT a game with MONEY and beat is in a timely manner!  Pete drops some hot news on us and basically confirms what all of us already knew: Madden is prophetic.  Lastly, Pete and Joe pool their collective psycho-analysis knowledge to help Frank talk through an interesting dream he had.  Listeners are encouraged to pay close attention to his very subtle mentions of color, as Joe and Pete’s analysis hinges completely on these facts that Frank seldom mentions.

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