Mandate Radio: Ep. 73 (2/25/2015)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 73 (2/25/2015)

HAAAAppy Wednesday Everyone! and welcome back to Mandate Radio, I3A’s premier video game podcast. Pete and Frank are around to talk about how terrible strategy games are, ‘Baldur’s Gate’ and other multi-disc games, ‘Grow Home’, ‘Smash Bros. Brawl’, ‘Witcher 2’, ‘Primordia’, ‘Tryst’, and the horrible realities of being forced into playing ‘League of Legends’ by your loved ones. Then, in news the guys talk about the possibility of a new ‘Guitar Hero’ and anti-cheating methods. Finally, in the vaunted rando segment, Pete and Frank run a scenario. Please do enjoy.

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