Mandate Radio: Ep. 88 (6/10/2015)




Mandate Radio: Ep. 88 (6/10/2015)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Pete is back this week with endless tales of his exciting new life in Columbus!  Hooray!  This week, Joe and Pete talk about Heroes of the Storm and its countless similarities to other MOBA’s like DotA 2 and League of Legends.  Pete recommends You Must Build A Boat to anyone and everyone [especially Frank], and then talks incessantly about The  Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.  Frank has a very pious offering this week, and talks about his time with Hidden Variable’s Bag It!  Then, in a lengthy news section, the guys ponder the soon to be released Steam Controller, a kick-butt Humble Bundle, and an interesting Reddit post that may or may not reveal the details of the upcoming Fallout 4.  Then, in a hot Rando segment, Pete gives us a little inside baseball regarding the aggregation of our Top 10 Favorite Games lists.  Oodles of noodles and poodles and fun await inside! Come on in!

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