Mandate Radio: Ep. 92 (7/8/2015)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 92 (7/8/2015)

Happy Wednesday everyone! Frank is back for this super duper episode of Mandate Radio!  And, as far fetched as it sounds, HE PLAYED AND FINISHED A GAME!!!  Frank talks about Puzzle Bots, an indie point and click puzzle game from our friends at WadJet Eye.  Pete talks about his sad and lonely times with Destiny (that’s right, the rube bought the House of Wolves expansion).  Joe then tells us about his summer living where he reads potentially depressing stories about the heat and hardship in the deep South.  In news, Frank mentions a platform that seeks to unite Valve, EA, and Ubisoft all under one banner.  Don’t worry, it’s not as crazy as it sounds, and it may end up being awesome.  Lastly, our Rando segment is graced by a very very special guest, Dendi!  He’s back to talk about his coming to America, his tragic life in Ukraine, and how he seeks to become a better person after letting his entire family down.  All that and more on this week’s Mandate Radio!

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