Mandate Radio: Ep. 95 (7/29/2015)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 95 (7/29/2015)

Happy Wednesday everyone!  The lads from I3A are here to talk [very briefly] about video games!  Frank talks about his time spent watching The International on Valve’s newest and greatest streaming website, Joe talks about flirting with Company of Heroes II, and Pete shares his tales of pass-n-play Rocket League!  In the news section, the guys talk about Summer Games Done Quick, the janky-ness of the Street Fighter V beta, and somebody other than Pete buying OUYA. Lastly, Joe, Pete, and Frank come together to tell you a wonderful story of whimsy and horror.  Yes, it is indeed a whale of a tale and an eel of a podcast!  Swim on in and get some!

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