Mandate Radio: Ep. 97 (8/12/2015)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 97 (8/12/2015)

Happy Thursday everyone!  Yes yes, I know, the podcast is going up a day late.  This is all Frank’s fault, but we hope you find it in your heart to forgive him.  He’s terrible, but he’s our terrible.  Any-who, the guys are back to talk about all kinds of things and, in a violent twist, very few of said things are games!  Frank talks about root beer, Pete talks briefly about Rocket League, and Joe brings it home with his musings on Europa Universalis IV.  In the news, Pete talks about how terrible Konami is at treating their workers kindly.  Then Frank takes the mic to spread the DotA 2 love and cheer (Congrats, EG!). Lastly, in a Rando segment for the ages, the guys take turns describing movies that they may or may not have seen in the vaguest way possible.  It’s a whole lot of laughs so hold on to your ears!

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