Mandate Radio: Ep. 102 (9/16/2015)



Mandate Radio: Ep. 102 (9/16/2015)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! In another Pete and Frank special, Pete and Frank talk about whatever comes to their minds.  Namely Korean full service hair dressers, the depth, the dark, and the distance between Frank and Pete as they ascend toward true happiness.  Pete shares stories about his time with Silent Hill 2 on the PS2, and Frank talks about the very creepy Neverending Nightmares.  Limping in with the news are stories about copyright holders having to play nice and ex Bungie employees getting compensation.  Lastly, in a very confusing and eerie Rando, Frank sits down with a homeopathic healer/ghost-man? Or was it the devil?  Find out on this week’s Mandate Radio!!!!

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