Mandate Radio: Ep. 103 (9/23/2015)



Mandate Radio: Ep. 103 (9/23/2015)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! With Joe gone again, Frank and Pete run rampant and blather on for a long time.  Too long of a time.  Frank talks about the mild disappointment of Neverending Nightmares ending(s), his time with the beautiful and enchanting Strata, and lastly, Frank recounts his trials and tribulations in Don’t Starve Together. Pete has also played games this week, namely Fran Bow and Westerado.  One of those games is a western themed 8-bit open world affair, and the other is about a psychotic child that sees things.  I’ll let you decide for yourself which is which.  In a lame news segment, Pete and Frank talk about Konami staying in the game and unbeatable Super Mario Maker levels.  Lastly, in a strange Rando segment, Pete tries to decipher the knotted mind of Charlotte while Frank nurses his exploded shins.  All that and more on this week’s Mandate Radio!

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