Mandate Radio: Ep. 104 (9/30/15)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 104 (9/30/15)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! and welcome to the 2nd year anniversary of Mandate Radio! Pete, Frank, and Joe are all involved with a riotous conversation about games and life! The guys talk, Madden 16, Elite: Dangerous, Metal: Gear Solid V, and Madden 25. Then, in news, the guys talk about No Man’s Sky, Gamestop pulling console bundles, and Dota’s diminishing player base. Finally, in rando, Blake Witten shows up to talk about being a long running voice actor.

Thanks to all of those who have stuck with us through these past two years. We appreciate and love you all. It’s been just as strange and weird of a trip for us as it has been for you!

With love,


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