Mandate Radio: Ep. 106 (10/13/2015)



Mandate Radio: Ep. 106 (10/13/2015)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Pete and Frank are back in the saddle to talk life, games, and all sorts of nonsense!  This week, Frank talks Command and Conquer 2: Yuri’s Revenge, FOTONICA, and Star Wars™ Battlefront™.  Pete, meanwhile, talks about his struggles turning his old, ragged PC into a Steam Machine. Then, in Frank’s new show-and-tell segment that supplanted News, Frank shares some of the best the internet has to offer! This week, Frank talks about YouTube’s secret Play/Pause button, the Paramount Vault, a cool site that lets you make a Benny Hill joke out of anything, and a resource that will create 1000 word, graduate level essays for you. The catch? They’re complete gibberish). Lastly, in a very special Rando segment, Chuck Spendit stops by to fill Frank in on all the juicy, sweaty details of his life since his last appearance. I’ve got one word for you: Advertising.  It’s a long one, kiddos. We’ll get there when we get there.

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