Mandate Radio: Ep. 107 (10/21/2015)



Mandate Radio: Ep. 107 (10/21/2015)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Welcome back to another rousing week of Mandate Radio!  Pete and Frank are once again holding down the fort as Joe battles work and sleep deprivation.  This week, the guys talk about a whole bunch of random nonsense, and somewhere in that morbid pile of exhaustion and emotion are games!  Frank talks about element combination in Doodle God and ruthlessly killing aliens and getting exp’s in Templar Battleforce.  Pete, meanwhile, has been steadily plugging away at Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and has finally ran into a legitimate complaint that has he and Frank rethinking Metal Gear.  He has also been dipping into Underatale; a strange little RPG with spunk, jokes, and a hard to pin down allure that has Pete stumped!  Then, in Frank’s yet to be named show and tell segment, Frank shares some real bangers.  There’s a site that lets you turn your keyboard into a rad drum-kit, a video game console that runs in your browser with your phone as the controller, and a useful little site that generates a tab that will self destruct after a specified amount of time. Procrastinators beware!  Then in a Rando segment for no ages, Pete and Frank play that game where they describe movies in the most vague way possible.  Laughs are had, guesses happen, Pete is predictable, all that and more on this week’s Mandate Radio!

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