Mandate Radio: Ep. 114 (12/9/2015)



Mandate Radio: Ep. 114 (12/9/2015)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!  Pete, Frank, and Fitz are here once again to spread the good word of video games!  This week, Frank talks about Kings’s Quest, Fitz wonders why Endless Legend doesn’t grab him harder, and Pete has given himself up to Bloodborne. Ohh sweet Pete.  Then in Frank Fabulous Finds, Frank talks about the Jar Jar Binks Sith conspiracy, a database of computers and their movie/television appearances, and a website where you can try to name that song.  Fun!  Lastly, in a Rando segment for the ages Frank and Pete are visited by a very unique individual named Ging.  He is made of “round-flatness” and he’s on the run.  You won’t believe your ears!

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