Mandate Radio: Ep. 115 (12/16/15)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 115 (12/16/15)


Happy Wednesday Everyone! and welcome to another magic-filled and personality-brimmed episode of Mandate Radio! It’s a podcast where Frank, Pete, and Fitz meet up to talk about their favorite thing in the world: Harry Potter. No… wait… Video Games! That’s right, this is a podcast about video games. This week Frank finished the first episode of ‘King’s Quest’, Pete beats a couple of the games he played, and Fitz played some ‘Dota’ and ‘Fallout 4’. Then, in Frank’s Fabulous Finds Frank shares a stress relief tool, an in browser fluid simulator, and an atlas that lets you look into the past!  What fun! And finally, in Rando, Pete asks the guys about their favorite game series and Frank becomes an accidental robot. All that and plenty of other nonsense on this week’s Mandate Radio!

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