Mandate Radio: Ep. 123 (2/10/16)


Mandate Radio: Ep. 123 (2/10/16)


Happy Wednesday Everyone! Coming to you live from the early AM it’s Mandate Radio with Frank and Pete!  This week it’s a classic duo episode featuring lots of talk about politics, art, philosophy, and games!  Pete is tinkering with Slime Rancher and Frank is grappling with The Witness, and then things devolve into a discussion about games as art.  Oh boy.  Next, in Frank’s Fabulous Finds, Frank shares links to a water simulator that runs in your browser, a site to help you keep up to date with the 2016 presidential candidates, and a web tool that automatically skims and highlights articles for you.  Lastly, in forward looking Rando segment, the guys talk about what gets them stoked for 2016.  Get ready to have a blarst, blurst, a blamst…..a good time.

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